Sleep is one of the most overlooked components of fat loss and muscle gain. Everyone knows how much sleep they should be getting. But what’s equally as important as getting more sleep, is getting BETTER sleep.

When we sleep, our energy consumption goes down, allowing our body to use the nutrients we consumed during the day to more efficiently build muscle.

Growth hormone is also released when we sleep which improves muscle recovery and helps us to build new lean muscle tissue.

As someone who struggled for years with shutting it off at the end of the day, I’ve picked up quite a few tips that have improved the quality of my sleep, allowing me to recover better from my workouts, as well as increase my energy, focus and productivity. Here they are:

No Caffeine 6 Hours Before Bed – Studies have shown that even if you personally aren’t aware of it, caffeine consumed within 6 hours of bedtime has a definite effect on sleep quality.

No “Blue Light” Before Bed – TV’s, phones, computers and tablets give off “blue light”, which suppresses melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone) production in our bodies.

Keep Your Phone On Silent – Don’t worry, you can set your “Do Not Disturb” settings so that specific contacts will still ring in case of emergency.

No Liquid 2 Hours Before Bed – Avoid late night trips to the bathroom.

No Email 1 Hour Before Bed – Don’t do it. Whatever is in there can wait until tomorrow.

Read A Book – Reading can make your eyes tired and help you shut down.

Blackout Blinds – If your job requires you to sleep at odd hours of the day, these are a life saver.

White Noise – Check out “White Noise Lite” in the App Store.

Natural Sleep Aid – If all else fails, consider taking a natural supplement like melatonin, valerian root, or magnesium before bed.

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Committed To Your Health,

Online Fitness Coach Brian DonovanBrian Donovan is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, and the founder of Online Fitness Coach, LLC – an online fitness program where clients get direct coaching and personally tailored training and nutrition plans. Coach Brian was voted Chicago’s “Best Personal Trainer” by Chicago Reader magazine, Best Of Chicago 2014 edition. He has been featured in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Chicago Reader, Voyage Chicago, and The PTDC as well various other health and fitness blogs.

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