Counting calories and tracking daily macronutrients is a great way to dial in your nutrition, identify areas that need improvement in your diet, and keep you on track with your goals. If you’re new to fitness or just starting a weight loss journey, I would strongly encourage you to track everything for at least the first 2-3 weeks.

Once you’ve gained a basic understanding of macronutrients, portion sizes, and which foods are high and low in calories, you do not need to continue to track daily if you choose not to. It is not a realistic long-term strategy for most people. It does require a small time commitment and some due diligence.


The Best Plan Is The One You Can Stick To.


So if you’re past the point of tracking, and looking for other sustainable ways to continue to move towards your goals, here are four simple strategies that you can follow at every meal in order to eat fewer calories without tracking your food intake.

1) Have A Big Glass Of Water Before Eating: Drinking a glass of water before your meal will help regulate hunger as well as make you feel satiated before you even start eating.

2) Slow Down! Set A Timer For 30 Minutes: Slow down, chew your food and enjoy your meal. Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes and use that entire time. This helps to regulate hunger signals and keep you from overeating.

3) Palm-Sized Protein Portions: An easy way to ensure you get enough protein is to make sure the serving sizes are roughly the same size and thickness as your palm.

4) Fill Half Of Your Plate With Veggies: Make sure half of your plate consists of foods that come straight from the earth. Cruciferous vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts are all great choices!


without counting calories

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