When it comes to working out and eating right, you are going to have plenty of days where you don’t feel like going to the gym, or you are tempted to eat the bad food.

If you don’t have a compelling enough reason WHY you want to get in shape, making a lifestyle change and sticking to it can be very difficult.

Wanting to lose weight simply because you know you need to is not going to be enough to get you through on the days when you are not feeling motivated.

Motivation might get you started, but habit and discipline are going to be the things that carry you. These get created over time by repeatedly doing something until it has become a part of your lifestyle.

So if you’re struggling to stay consistent, or even to just get started, first you need to get clear on why things must change. Set aside ten minutes, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down at least three serious reasons… and be brutally honest with yourself.

Examples of this could be your long-term health, being able to play with your kids, setting a good example for them, giving your partner the best version of you, or even feeling confident enough to be in a bathing suit.

Once you’ve done this, keep your list in your wallet or purse to help you stay committed to your goals. Review it whenever you need that extra boost to get to the gym or resist that cookie.

Remember, when your WHY is big enough you will find your HOW.

Committed To Your Health,

Brian DonovanBrian Donovan is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, and the founder of Online Fitness Coach, LLC – an online fitness program where clients get direct coaching and personally tailored training and nutrition plans. Coach Brian was voted Chicago’s “Best Personal Trainer” by Chicago Reader magazine, Best Of Chicago 2014 edition. He has been featured in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Chicago Reader, Voyage Chicago, and The PTDC as well various other health and fitness blogs.

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