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How Will I Be Billed?

Payment is 100% secure via PayPal or credit card. Upon signing up, you will be billed  automatically one month from the day of purchase until you complete the program or you choose to stop. You can cancel anytime.

What If I Have An Injury Or Restriction?
When filling out the questionnaire, please list any current or previous injuries or health restrictions that your coach will need to be aware of when designing your plan. Many restrictions can be worked around or avoided but that information will be needed up front. If for any reason you are unsure of whether or not you should be exercising, please consult with your doctor or physician first before starting any exercise program.
What If I Have A Medical Condition?

Please list any current or previous health restrictions that we need to be aware of when filling out the application for nutrition coaching. Always consult with your doctor or physician before starting any health or fitness program.

Are There Age Limitations?

There is a minimum age limit of 18+ years or older. There are no maximum age limits as long as you have full medical clearance.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?
Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, we have a 100% money back guarantee.
Is The Nutrition Coaching Program A Meal Plan?

No it is not. We do offer meal plans as part of our Fitness Quest training package. Our nutrition coaching program however, is a 12-month guided program with one of our expert certified nutrition coaches who will be teaching you long-term daily nutritional habits that fit into your lifestyle and will serve you for the rest of your life. You and your coach will choose which foods are best for you, when and how much to eat of them.

What Happens If I Miss A Day?
Sometimes things like work, illnesses, or emergencies come up. Life happens. Your plan is not set in stone. If you are unable to complete the workout for a certain day, you can simply move that workout to the following day on your calendar.
Do I Need A Gym Membership?
No you do not. However, it is recommended that at minimum you have access to a few pairs of dumbbells or resistance bands, and a bench or chair.
How Will I Know If My Form Is Correct?
Each exercise comes with a short video demonstration which you can view on your smart phone app while at the gym, or on your computer when you are at home or work. Special instructions will also be included for certain exercises that may require more explanation.
What Happens If I Don't See Results?

You can cancel anytime if you are not happy with your results.