If your job requires you to wine and dine clients frequently, or you simply enjoy eating out often, but you also have weight loss or fitness goals you are trying to accomplish, then you need to have a plan in order to eat healthy when dining out.

Most restaurants serve single meals in portions that could easily feed two, sometimes three people. Just because it is on your plate does not mean that you have to finish it all. Resist the urge if it is a larger portion of food then you would normally eat.

Instead, make a conscious effort to slow down, chew your food, and enjoy it. Let it digest for 15-20 minutes before deciding if you need more. This gives the brain time to communicate with the stomach. If you are indeed full, your brain will let your body know and your hunger will subside.

If you are not full, eat a little more and wait another 10-15 minutes. There is nothing wrong with taking home leftovers.

Eat Healthy When Dining Out

Here are 10 more ways for you to stay on track with your fitness goals if you are a frequent diner:

1. Skip the booze and sugary drinks (soda or juice), have water with lemon instead.
2. Pass on the bread.
3. Order salad as an appetizer, and get the dressing on the side or choose oil and vinegar.
4. Order lean meat like chicken or wild caught fish.
5. Choose entrees that are raw, grilled, baked or steamed.
6. Avoid fried foods or foods doused in sauces or condiments.
7. Swap out carb-heavy sides like mashed potatoes for veggies.
8. Don’t add salt to your meal.
9. Ask for a box when your food comes and put half in it right away.
10. Choose restaurants that use organic ingredients.

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Committed To Your Health,

Online Fitness Coach Brian DonovanBrian Donovan is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, and the founder of Online Fitness Coach, LLC – an online fitness program where clients get direct coaching and personally tailored training and nutrition plans. Coach Brian was voted Chicago’s “Best Personal Trainer” by Chicago Reader magazine, Best Of Chicago 2014 edition. He has been featured in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Chicago Reader, Voyage Chicago, and The PTDC as well various other health and fitness blogs.

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