Gym Etiquette

Here is my “Top Ten” list of things you should and shouldn’t do in a crowded gym.

1. Don’t talk on your phone, it’s just rude.

2. Re-rack your weights and put them back in the correct order. Don’t make someone smaller than you have to peel off stacks of 45 lbs. plates so they can use the bench or squat rack.

3. Wipe down the equipment when finished. Accidentally laying your head down in a pool of someone else’s sweat is disgusting.

4. Don’t stare at other people in the mirror when you’re in between sets. It’s distracting and also a little creepy.

5. Don’t hog equipment. If someone asks if they can “work in”, either let them or let them know if you’re just finishing up.

6. Don’t slam the weights. For a lot of people, a crowded gym can be an intimidating place. Be considerate.

7. If you have an empty bottle to fill and the person(s) behind you just needs a sip, let them go first.

8. Don’t sing out loud to your iPod. We’re sure you have a beautiful voice but the gym is the wrong arena to showcase your talent.

9. Keep the grunting and yelling to a minimum. This goes without saying.

10. Don’t do exercises right in front of the dumbbell rack. Take what you need and step back so others can take what they need without having to wait for you to finish your set.

Yours In Health,

Coach Brian